About Us

As MOV.AI, we want to contribute to a world where intelligent robots perform most of the common physical tasks. This will free humankind to be more creative & productive, and also enable faster market scalability.

That’s why we are creating a new ecosystem where developers, integrators and manufacturers collaborate to produce smart robots on a large scale for operation and production line. Our unique and industry-grade O/S decouples H/W from S/W and simplifies R&D and field implementation processes thus making robots affordable. We enables autonomous robots that work safely together with people and other robots in any environment at all scalable levels.

MOV.AI is a startup that provides an industry-grade operating system for autonomous intelligent collaborative robots for universal commercial use. The Company was founded by Limor Schweitzer, an industry veteran with over 20 years of experience in developing robots, robotic solutions and sales robotic equipment. MOV.AI has a strong team of best-of-breed robot developers with more than 13 years of experience.


MOV.AI provides a software framework for mobile robots. It is composed of robust multi-sensor localization, comprehensive navigation and fleet management, web-based programming interface, and system upgrades, software module distribution and an app store.

The MOV.AI industry-grade O/S allows for adding sensors and actuators easily, and integrating them for complex behavior. Field technicians can configure complex behaviors and multi-robot states.

MOV.AI enables integration with robotic arms, safety programmable logic controllers, charging systems, backoffice ERP and warehouse management software, and best safety practices.


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Limor Schweitzer

Founder and CEO

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Shana Thadani

Operations Manager

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Pedro Nunes

R&D Manager

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Jerónimo Regidor

UI Developer

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Francisco Sousa

Robotics Software Engineer

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Luís Luz

Robotics Software Engineer

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Tiago Paulino

Robotics Software Engineer

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Andre Leitão

Electrical Engineer

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Henrique Costa

Mechanical Engineer


Partner with us

As the world becomes automated, staying competitive means deploying AI driven, autonomous machines. We would like to partner with developers, integrators and manufacturers and OEMs of material handling equipment and other mobile machines that would like to make their products intelligent.

Pilot projects

If your company wants to add mobile automation to its legacy warehouse, manufacturing or operational internal logistics, or if it’s facing photography or video production challenges that could benefit from a robotic cameraman, then we would love to talk to you to discuss a joint project or another form of project collaboration.

Join our team

If you have passion for robotics and AI, we would like you to join our robotics team in sunny Lisbon. We're looking for creative robotics engineers who enjoy working in a fast-paced, challenging and fun environment. Is that you? Then contact us!

Send us an email opportunities@mov.ai