About Us

MOV.AI is a brand of Ground Drone Ltd., based in London with R&D in Lisbon. We develop a universal software framework for making mobile machines intelligent. Our framework is composed of a navigation based artificial intelligence, a fleet management system and has an intuitive user interface that together create robot autonomy.

We are currently working on pilot projects aimed at automating the Industrial and Photography markets and have partnered with Robosavvy Ltd. Together we have developed the Cameraman and TugBot robots. We are also collaborating with equipment manufacturers to develop autonomous guided vehicles (AGVs). Our long-term goal is to expand into other markets and apply our framework to a full range of mobile machines.

Our vision is to facilitate the path towards a world where intelligent robots perform most of the physical work, providing more time for creativity and productivity.


MOV.AI is a software framework composed of a navigation-based artificial intelligence, a fleet management system and a robust user interface. It can transform any mobile machine into an autonomous robot. The framework is based on ROS which is the de-facto standard open source operating system for robotics. ROS has thousands of active contributors and it offers the latest AI, vision and navigation algorithms in addition to supporting hundreds of sensors, cameras and actuators.

The MOV.AI interface provides graphical and visual programming to configure ROS, greatly diminishing the need for highly skilled technical labour. MOV.AI works as a middleware for third party developers to add functionalities to automation systems and facilitates the integration of new software and hardware as needed. Users will be able to easily upgrade their mobile robots as new hardware and functionalities are launched.

We estimate that MOV.AI will save 50% of the development time and costs of companies hoping to launch mobile robot products. The separation of the development of software and hardware reduces the cost and risks of R&D, which ultimately leads to better and more affordable products with a faster innovation cycle.


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Limor Schweitzer

Founder and CEO

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Shana Thadani

Operations Manager

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Pedro Nunes

R&D Manager

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Jerónimo Regidor

UI Developer

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Francisco Sousa

Robotics Software Engineer

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Luís Luz

Robotics Software Engineer

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Tiago Paulino

Robotics Software Engineer

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Andre Leitão

Electrical Engineer

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Henrique Costa

Mechanical Engineer


Partner with us

As the world becomes automated, staying competitive means deploying AI driven, autonomous machines. We are looking for manufacturers and OEMs of material handling equipment and other mobile machines that would like to make their products intelligent.

Pilot projects

Does your company want to add mobile automation into its legacy warehouse, manufacturing or operational internal logistics? Do you have photography or video production challenges that could benefit from a human-like cameraman robot? We’d love to do a pilot project with you.

Join our team

Join our robotics team in sunny Lisbon. We're looking for creative robotics engineers who enjoy working in a fast-paced, challenging and fun environment.

Call us or send us an email opportunities@mov.ai


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