Watch Why MOV.AI Provides the Brains for Mobile Robots to Operate Autonomously

Limor Schweitzer, CEO of Mov.AI, explains how the company provides the brains for mobile robots to operate autonomously. The MOV.AI software framework features mapping, navigation and obstacle avoidance and a modern end-user interface, facilitating cloud-based software distribution and cybersecurity. All this can assist with labor-intensive roles such as pallet loading and unloading within postal sorting centers. Watch the…
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MOV.AI raises $3M in seed funding to create an ‘Android for Robotics’

Limor Schweitzer TechCrunch has just published the following article about us: “We all know what Android for smartphones is. A free, (almost) open source operating system for smartphones. But right now there is no equivalent of the “Android for robots.” Instead there are many, many proprietary systems. A new startup plans to address this problem…
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How MOV.AI makes intelligent material handling robots affordable

Nowadays, material handling robots can automate some of the most tedious, dull, and unsafe tasks in a production line. When we look at the kinds of robots that are used in material handling, we see that there are various types especially designed to e.g., pick & place materials, palletize, package and transfer goods, load machines…
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