Operating System
for Modern
Industrial Robots

Mov.AI Empowers Autonomous Robots To Work Safely Together With
People And Other Robots In Any Environment At All Scalable Levels

MOV.AI Is Creating A New Ecosystem To Produce Smart Robots On A Large Commercial Scale


About The Company

MOV.AI provides an industry-grade operating system for autonomous intelligent collaborative robots for universal commercial use.
Our industry-grade O/S for robotics software enables faster market scalability.
MOV.AI’s team consists of best-of-breed robot developers specializing in the ROS environment. MOV.AI has over 20 years of experience in developing robots, robotic solutions and sales robotic equipment.

“It is our vision to contribute to a world where intelligent robots perform most of the common physical tasks, which will free humankind to be more creative & productive”

Limor Schweitzer, Founder and CEO