Very soon, fleets of robots will work safely alongside their human co-workers, being an integral part of the workforce. Manufacturers will be the first to tell you that both machine efficiency and human intuition are vital for optimum productivity. That’s why seeing robots as an opportunity rather than a threat makes sense.

Of course, manufacturers have to ensure that robots and humans can work efficiently and safely in the same workspace. Traditionally, robots have been working in isolation to prevent their human colleagues to come too close and get hurt. What manufacturers want, is to turn their current robots into “cobots” aka collaborative robots that work safely side-by-side humans. They want their robots to perform the heavy lifting and repetitive jobs that will free their human workers to concentrate on more complex work that requires creativity beyond the reach of robots.

Such collaborative robots must be able to operate autonomously in an intelligent way. This requires that they need a “brain” or (to say it in other words) they must be smart. From a cost standpoint, this should not be a bottleneck since costs of e.g., a robotic arm has dropped dramatically in the last few years. This opens the road for SMEs/SMBs to have their own smart autonomous robots. That’s why experts in the manufacturing sector are anticipating a dramatic growth.

To benefit from human and machine interaction, manufacturers must ensure that their human workers remain safe at all times. This entails that robots in a material handling or manufacturing environment must be able to prevent injuring humans when in operation by e.g., by detecting and avoiding obstacles.

As mentioned above, what cobots need is a brain. That’s why MOV.AI has developed a unique operating system (similar to Android for smartphones) to make robots smart, autonomous and safe.  It can also be used to retrofit older industrial robots.

What is MOV.AI’s O/S all about in a nutshell?

  • AI decouples hardware form software to make robotic automation a reality
  • AI enables safe navigation & localization of robots
  • AI enables manufacturers to have a fleet of smart autonomous robots
  • AI makes fleets of robots cybersafe

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