With MOV.AI enabled robots, it is easy to set up large robot fleets and complex automation.

  • Never before was it so easy to configure different kinds of robots operating with people and performing any kind of automation no matter what constraints and scale;
  • The entire configuration of the fleet can be done from within the Browser;
  • Mapping tools let you add routes, zones and robot policies associated with them;
  • Customize dashboards for the different roles of the client operations;
  • Interface with cameras to give ground truth to robots or add extra safety features;
  • Interface with external ERP/WMS or legacy PLCs and robots;
  • Optionally install MOV.AI on high-availability host to ensure data persistency;
  • Define complex logic for optimal fleet behavior;
  • Use 3D physics simulator to plan fleet behavior before deployment;
  • Reversable upgrade of any module and data in the system for zero downtime


  • Bowe-Systec (Global offices) 
    Bowe System is an automation systems integrator with 20 subsidiaries in Europe, the USA and Japan. They are selling the MOV.AI enabled TUGBOT robot and will have engineers certified in MOV.AI configuration and programming.