Retrofitting human-operated machines into autonomous robots or building designated autonomous machines.

  • MOV.AI help you to enter into the world of automation by accelerating the go-to market process and ensuring your system is price-competitive. By separating the market roles of hardware manufactures from software development, we enable a drastic cut in overall costs of bringing new autonomous machines to market.
  • With MOV.AI you don’t need to hire expensive software development engineers. Just focus on creating or retrofitting cost effective electromechanical systems. Our software will ensure your clients get all the cutting-edge competitive features, long-terms software support and maintenance.
  • We can help you navigate the complex maze of electronics, sensors, computation and safety features. From prototype to production units, your machines will be cost-competitive and future proof.


  • PowerHandling (Spokane, WA, USA) 
    Collaboration to develop an affordable Robotic Pallet Mover. Currently being tested with industrial operators.
  • TUGBOT (RoboSavvy UK)
    Collaboration to develop an autonomous wheeled-cart mover. Already in deployment at several large logistics operators;