Solution Overview

MOV.AI is a software framework (O/S) complying with ROS for mobile robots

Composed robust multi-sensor localization, navigation and fleet management web-based GUI, and programming interface cloud-based software upgrades.

MOV.AI For You

Material Handling

Retrofitting human operated machines into autonomous robots

  • MOV.AI software transforms any human-driven material handling into an autonomous approach
  • MOV.AI makes robot automation affordable, also for SMBs
  • Simplifies R&D and field implementation processes


Easy and cost-effective integration process

  • MOV.AI is an open access solution 
  • Operates as a middleware for third-party developers 
  • add functionalities to automation systems
  • integrates with any legacy system
  • Streamlines field implementation processes 
  • Reduces personnel costs

ROS developers

Simplifying the R&D process

  • MOV.AI adds additional functionalities to what ROS is providing. 
  • A user-friendly graphical and visual interface to simplifies the management of complex projects 
  • Includes  distributed fleet of robots management & robust AI