Solution Overview

MOV.AI is an Operating System and software framework built on top of ROS, designed to accelerate the development of any robot, to facilitate the deployment of large fleets of robots, and to enable long-term support of field-deployed robots.

Our Ecosystem

Material Handling Hardware Manufacturers

Making Machines Autonomous

  • MOV.AI software transforms any human-driven material handling machine into an autonomous robot;
  • Whether retrofitting or creating a brand new robot, MOV.AI gets it to market quicker and competitively priced;
  • With MOV.AI there is no need to hire an AI software team;
  • MOV.AI supports any choice of computation, localization, navigation and safety hardware;

Operation Managers and Automation Integrators

Robotic automation made easy

  • MOV.AI – single configuration for different robots;
  • Customized dashboards for different client roles;
  • 3D physics simulator for planning fleet behavior;
  • Reversible upgrades with zero downtime;
  • MOV.AI helps reduces dependency on physical labor ensuring safe co-botics;

ROS developers

Simplifying the R&D process

  • MOV.AI enhances and accelerate robot development process;
  • All development done in browser;
  • Distributed fleet management features without cloud dependency;
  • Develop a multi-protocol high-performing event processor in minutes;
  • Visual state-machine and their Node and communications dependencies.. all in a single canvas;