LotsOfBots lists TugBot

Our beloved TugBot was recently short listed by LotsOfBots as one of the robots to have in mind for your business, specially if efficiency and adaptability are among your requirements.

#Commissioning is one of the most common use case for mobile robots. Depending on the work environment the robots have to meet certain requirements. Finding the right solution from a variety of robots can be difficult.

Therefore we simply give you an overview on #LotsofBots.
Featuring prominent candidates like: MOV.AI

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TNW X, a leading consulting company specializing in digital transformation and innovation, has recently analyzed Portugal’s tech ecosystem, in particular Lisbon. 

They ‘ve identified several companies and institutions that are making a difference on the local digital scene, with good or profitable results, both nationally and abroad.

MOV.AI was one of the companies listed in the “Startups & Scaleups” section of the article, that also included other categories such as:
-Co-Working Spaces;
-Investors & VC’s;
-Accelerators & Incubators;
-Academies & Non- Profit Organisations;

It’s always good to be mentioned in articles such as this one as it serves as a reminder that hard work pays off , especially when our brand is mentioned alongside other very large companies and institutions.

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