ROS developers

Simplifying robot R&D process

MOV.AI adds various enhancements to ROS and dramatically accelerates the
development time of robot behavior and fleet automation. We will provide developer
support and training programs.

Visual ROS Launch system

  • Replaces roslaunch / rosrun framework with Visual Launch Diagrams;
  • Multi-protocol node launcher, in-browser;
  • Drag & Drop Nodes, Connect Node inputs/outputs;
  • VLD lines represent communication protocols between nodes;
  • Modify Nodes/connections in split seconds;
  • Organize multiple Node networks, Node versions & Parameters;
  • Supports all ROS features including TF, Nodelets, pluginlib, lifecycle

MOV.AI Nodes – IDE in Browser

  • Multi-Protocol Event processor;

    – Message/Event triggers Callback in Python;
    – Support for ROS1, ROS2, HTTP, WebSocket, Serial Driver, Redis DB;
    – Callback code cannot access communication layer;

  • Native parallel processing;

    – Callbacks are Re-entrant – Persistent data only via Redis DB API;
    – AsyncIO backend + Cython (C level performance);
    – Resource Usage Profiling tools;

  • Upgrade / Downgrade – mandatory for industrial clients;
    – Imported libraries – outside the callback code;
    – GIT based versioning of Callbacks

Customizable UI

  • Modern MVC framework;
    – Collaborative UI (2-direct. link w db replicated on every robot);
    – Any Robot can act as Web server;
  • Extensible web API;
    – HTTP/WebSockets protocols supported in MOV.AI Nodes;
    – Custom server-side functions;
    – REST API available for CRUDE actions (vs replicated DB);
  • REST-full application;
    – Develop apps with preferred js framework (React, Vue, etc);
    – Upload your own javascript application to Mov.AI system;
  • Dashboard Creator;
    – Create operator views with stats and queues;
    – Create custom dashboards to monitor and control fleets;
    – Extensible set of customizable widgets

State Transitions

  • Mix Nodes and State Machine in single view;
  • Visual Launch Diagrams can act as State Machine Diagrams;
  • MOV.AI Nodes can act as “State Nodes”;
  • When a Node is transitioned-to, all non-connected nodes are recursively
  • Visualize dependency between Robot’s State & required ROS nodes;
  • Visual ROS2 lifecycle manager