Cleaning robots are poised to be big business. According to a study by Markets and  Markets, the market is estimated to be worth $2.5 billion by 2020. It is a strong indication that automated sweepers, scrubbers, vacuums and burnishers will be at the forefront of creating and retrofitting automated robots. We already see that floor cleaning robots are gradually being deployed at airports, hospitals, retailers and office buildings. These machines are delivering on an important observation: autonomous robots will free humans from repetitive (and potentially dangerous) physical labor to allow them to perform other tasks.

They are made a reality thanks to the progress in sensor technology, improved battery life, GPS mapping, machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics. That’s where MOV.AI comes in. MOV.AI is an industry-grade operating system for autonomous robots that is already operational in material handling machines such as tugbotsand pallet truck AGVs. It provides manufactures with an industry-grade operating system to make their machines autonomous, intelligent and collaborative.

With MOV.AI’s software platform (similar to operating systems for smartphones), manufacturers will be able to develop new machines or retrofit existing ones with minimal investments and manpower. In each case, the manufacturer and MOV.AI work together to create a prototype system. This consists of an autonomous version of one of the manufacturer’s existing products by retrofitting it with computers, sensors, lasers and safety measures. Once finished, the MOV.AI software is run on it to complete the prototype. This method has proved to be successful based on MOV.AI’s experience in building prototypes for and with cart and pallet movers.

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